Available Appointments This Week

Please review the screening poster for any potential COVID 19 symptoms you may have.  If you show sides of symptoms please stay home and follow Alberta Health protocols.


Next available appointment is

August 18th – 14:45-12:45

If you would like to book this appointment,

contact me and I will get you in.

Next available Saturday is Sept 25th at 12:45-1:45

Please email or text me if you would like to get onto the cancellation list or if you need help booking your appointment.  You can text or call 780-686-2694.

To book appointments, or for additional availability, please go to the On Line booking tab and schedule yourself in.

If you would like to schedule yourself on a regular basis for the 2021 year, please email me with your preferred day of the week, time of day and frequency of appointments. You can email me at loretta.rodney@shaw.ca.