Loretta’s Therapeutic Massage

I am located at:

Dr. McLeod Chiropractic                                              https://drmcleodchiropractic.ca/
15 Lewis Estates Boulevard NW
Edmonton,  AB

Exciting News!!!I have been given the opportunity to move back into a Chiropractic environment, and I’ve decided to take it.   I am moving to Dr. McLeod Chiropractic!  Start date is September 18th.  So, we’re heading back to the West End!!  15 Lewis Estates Blvd.

I am also booking for my Parkland County location, so text or call if you would like to get in.

If you are interested in booking with me in Stony Plain, Call or Text 780-686-2694 – additional dates and times are listed under the On Line booking tab.

*Please note:  You can not do On Line Booking for my Parkland Location*